Our Philosophy

We start by asking Why?

Teak is dedicated to planting the seed of innovation in companies that are in need of change or simply need help thinking outside of the box - or, as we like to call it, “reframing.”

What every company has in common is its customer, which is why customers should form the core of any business strategy. We believe that if a company can answer why their customers buy their products or choose their services, that company has a major advantage in the market.

We understand through our experience working with large and small organizations that change is difficult, but bold leadership combined with strong consumer insights can lead to a successful strategy.


Our Team

Teak was inspired by our founder, Adisorn Supawatanakul, a former research director at Conifer Research, our American business partner. Through our partnership, we bring shared business knowledge, research methods, and tools to Asia.

Teak draws from the diverse talents of its multinational staff with backgrounds in industrial design, anthropology, social science, journalism, and cinema. We spend a lot of time face-to-face with customers, analyzing data, forming insights, and telling consumer stories through video and visual aids. Sometimes our work can be philosophical or even artistic.